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Nantz Law’s dedicated team is well-versed in NC & SC property laws, providing expert guidance and ensuring a smooth transaction process. Trust our experienced attorneys to navigate your real estate closing and protect your investment.

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Real Estate Closing FAQs

In South Carolina, a real estate closing must be supervised by a licensed attorney. Our experienced attorneys review titles, conduct closings, record legal documents, and ensure a clean title for buyers, free from any errors or encumbrances. Trust our expertise for a seamless closing process.

Absolutely. Refinancing a home in South Carolina requires the oversight of a skilled attorney. Just like in a purchase closing, an attorney ensures that the mortgage is properly executed and protects the title of your property. Rely on our attorneys to guide you through the refinance process with confidence.

According to the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, the buyer typically chooses the closing attorney. Our office respects and supports the buyer’s choice while providing equal assistance to both parties. Rest assured, our impartial attorneys will not represent either party in case of a closing dispute.

Once we receive the purchase contract, our real estate closing team will gather necessary information with your help, your realtor, and mortgage servicers. Buyers should provide contact, loan, and homeowner’s insurance details. Sellers should provide contact, loan servicing, and payoff information, along with HOA details and a forwarding address.

In addition to gathering information, our closing attorney examines the property’s title, ensuring all mortgages and liens are satisfied. We secure title insurance, prepare documents and disclosures with lenders and realtors, and ensure a smooth closing process for you.

Bring two forms of identification, such as a driver’s license and social security card. Other government-issued IDs are acceptable too. Buyers should bring certified funds for closing costs. And sellers, don’t forget to bring the keys to the property!

Buyers and sellers are present at closing, reviewing and signing documents separately. If a property is jointly owned, both spouses must attend. Realtors often attend, and loan officers may be present as well.

For cash purchases, sellers receive funds after signing closing documents and completing a quick public record check.

For purchases involving a lender, once all parties sign the documents, the attorney’s office sends them to the lender for approval. After receiving funding authorization, the attorney’s office disburses funds, deducting taxes, fees, mortgages, and commissions. Sellers typically receive funds on the day of closing.

For refinances or home equity line of credit closings, funds are disbursed three business days after closing due to a 3-day right of rescission period. Escrow refunds from prior mortgages are typically provided within 30 days by the previous lender. Trust us to handle the process smoothly.

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